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Groups @ Grace

The goal of Groups@Grace is to velcro people to the two things they need most as they face life’s need-to-know and need-to-grow moments: the Bible and other Christians.

Every Group@Grace is comprised of three basic elements: Fellowship, Scripture, and Prayer.

Fellowship is that relational component where we get to know others and let them get to know us. We know you can’t microwave or micromanage relationship. It has to simmer slowly over time as you get to know a few others and allow yourself to be known as well. It’s one clear way that we begin to answer the question how do I perceive myself?

Scripture is the special revelation of God to man. God wants to be known, and the Bible is the God-breathed word that reveals him to us. Scripture is at the center of all our small group conversations in some form because it is the authority by which we learn the answer to the question how do I perceive God?

Prayer brings the two questions together. Over time we grow in our ability and desire to share joys, concerns, hopes, fears, failures, or successes with each other so together we can call on God, whose acts are bigger than our present need (transcendent), but who is close enough to act and be present in our need (immanent).

The vision of Grace Community Church is to foster Discipleship through Relationship.

Discipleship is a word to describe the lifelong process of asking and answering two questions:

How do I perceive God?

How do I perceive myself?

You and every person you meet are asking and answering these two questions all the time by your words and actions. People have been asking and answering these two questions throughout history. From the 16th century theologian John Calvin who penned, “There is no knowledge of God without knowledge of self and no knowledge of self without knowledge of God,” to the modern author Peter Scazzero who wrote, “You cannot be spiritually mature and yet remain emotionally immature,” nearly all our time, talent, and treasure is in some way spent on these two questions.

Relationship is the means through which we work out our answers to the two questions.

If I’m left by myself to ask and answer them, I will always come up with an askew view of the man in the mirror. On my own, I will end up perceiving myself with either extreme self-loving or extreme self-loathing neither of which are accurate. The same is true about how I see God. By myself, I will reduce God to an idol, a lifeless being made in my own image. The only way to accurately answer the two questions is to answer them in relationship with God and in relationship with others.

That’s why small groups are the heartbeat of Grace Community Church. Small Groups are designed to create discipleship through relationship.

Do you want to be part of the heartbeat here at Grace?

Do you want to grow in discipleship through relationship?

Invest your time today and velcro yourself to the Bible and other Christians in Groups@Grace.

To get started, contact us at groups@cvillegrace.org.