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Word of the Week

November 28 2018
November 28 2018

Word of the week: Wonder

Do you remember the last time you had a sense of wonder? Can you think of the last time that something really amazed you? Perhaps someone in your family has a new baby and you held the child over Thanksgiving. Or this year you traveled to some amazing place and paused to be amazed at the sights and sounds. Wonder and amazement bring joy to us and enhance the sense that the world has beauty and order beyond easy explanation.

I remember my childhood Christmas celebrations as times of wonder. It was when the tree went up, the lights came out, and an anticipation of opening presents began. I could hardly sleep on Christmas Eve, and the tradition developed that I could open one present in the morning before everyone else got up. I was the youngest in my family, so I’m not sure my sisters had the same deal. Thinking back, mom and dad were allowing themselves additional sleep on Christmas morning.

That wonder began to wane as this process became more ordinary and expected, and it took more to amaze me than it used to. In this Christmas season, what can bring us back to a sense of wonder?

Think about Jesus, the Son of God, who came to fulfill ancient prophecy, live a perfect life of love and obedience, die a death for the sins of God’s people, rise to life and ascend to heaven. Spend some time thinking about him, adoring him, thanking him, and pondering him. If you are a disciple of Jesus, wonder has captured you at some point along the way. It wasn’t pure logic or reason that led you to believe. Somewhere along the way, you felt a sense of amazement and wonder at the love of God for you in Jesus, the Son of God. Seek Christ, dwell on Him, and wonder and amazement will return to you. Joy will come to you, peace will flood your soul, and hope will be yours again.

In Him,



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