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Word of the Week

November 14 2018
November 14 2018

Word of the Week: Wonderful

Some things are just wonderful to see. When you are going through some sorrows (as our family is), sometimes something beautiful and wonderful is just the medicine for the soul which God prescribes. Last Sunday we watched Steve Hohenberger baptize his little grandson. Many of their family was there for this special occasion. That in and of itself is beautiful, as we recognize God’s grace to this family and his covenant promises to all generations. But this was a special moment because there is a bigger story behind the birth of this son - he is the answer to many prayers (seek out JoAnn or Steve for the details!). And there is a bigger story, because many of the family who were there last came to our church for a sad reason - the memorial for Amy Zirkle some years ago. But this day we rejoiced in answer to prayer! This day we rejoiced in God’s faithfulness to his promises. This Sunday we celebrated something wonderful.

What wonderful things might we behold this week? What wonderful things are we missing?

In Him,




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