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Word of the Week

October 17 2018
October 17 2018

Word of the Week: Impatience

“Green means go!”

I’ve said that more than once this week as I sit stuck behind a line of traffic that doesn’t seem to realize the light has turned green. Red means stop, but green means it’s time to go! I have places to go. I have people to see. Can we get this show on the road already? I wouldn’t say I’m an aggressive driver (you may beg to differ), but I’m certainly an impatient one. I have a destination in mind and I have little tolerance for delay.

At some point this week it struck me, “Isn’t it good that God doesn’t drive like me?” He has a destination in mind for us too. The Bible tells us that God intends to conform every Christian into the image of Christ (Romans 8:29-30) and he’s taking us that direction each and every day. Yet, thankfully, he’s patient with our disruptions. When we sin, he’s forgiving. When we’re weak, he’s gentle. When we’re foolish, he’s gracious. God is far more patient than I am – and that’s a wonderful thing!

Do someone else’s imperfections wear on your patience? Maybe it’s a spouse or a child who leaves their dirty dishes laying around. Maybe it’s a friend who can’t seem to show up on time. Or, if you’re like me, maybe it’s that car that seems frozen in place on 29. When you’re tempted to get impatient and shout, “Green means go!” remember how the Lord has been patient with you. When has he borne with you this week? How has he tolerated your delays? When we remember God’s patience for us, it’ll enable us to be patient to others.


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