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Word of the Week

October 03 2018
October 03 2018

Word of the Week: Wonders

If I tell you the Lord is working wonders, what comes to mind? For me, sometimes it’s quieter than the big miracles of the bible, but sometimes just as important for the individuals in whose lives the wonders are worked! Just this day (Tuesday), I’ve heard a number of answers to prayer and evidences of God’s grace. Recently I received an email from a man who openly repented to me of sin in his life, and thanked me for helping him see it. Wonders! Rich Brown talked to me about the spiritual receptivity of some of our youth, and the joy of watching the lights go on! Wonders! We enjoyed the beautiful music of Bonnie Slater in church Sunday. Ask Bonnie about how gravely ill she was only a few years ago, and we didn’t even know her then! Wonders! Recently in our family we experienced specific answers to prayer as an extended family member faced possible debilitating illness. Wonders! I could go on and on.

Keep your eyes open.  Ask Him to help you see the wonders - great and small!



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October 04, 2018 1:38 PM
Don, Bonnie and I cannot adequately put into words how miraculous it was to have found the community of Grace Church when we did.(Wonders) We had just settled in Va. from MD. Bonnie became ill. We knew no one. Our situation looked bleak. I was like a fish out of water. The only thing I could think of to do was pray when I went to sleep at night. I how no idea how we were going to make it. Until I reached out to Grace. Boy! Did God work miracles there! Not only did ways and means present themselves everyday...(Wonders) But Bonnie woke up from a month long coma! AND her health has steadily improved! (Wonders) Our Family continues to succeed and Bonnie is back to doing what she was destined to do. She plays her music downtown AND she is teaching again....(Wonders) You had to be there( and many at Grace were!) to see the change in her Our lives to believe the difference. There is no doubt in my mind or Bonnie’s that God is watching. There are No words for our gratitude..... “Anything is possible for those who believe” I believe in the wonders of The Lord. Arnie Slater