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Word of the Week

September 19 2018
September 19 2018

Word of the week: Help

Sunday we prayed for the victims of Hurricane Florence at our church. It appears that our area is graciously spared major flooding and damage. One of our deacons asked how we could donate to help with Flo clean up. May I recommend a contribution to Mission to North America Disaster Response’s Hurricane Florence fund? This money will go to help teams that come in to help people just like us. Staging from PCA congregations in the area, our teams will help church members and their neighbors with clean up. They will be mudding out houses and cleaning and disinfecting things, and providing sheds for those whose homes are a total loss. There they can store the goods they salvage until reconstruction.

You make a monetary donation for Florence relief here.

Here is one more idea. Are you ready to get your hands really dirty (well, you will wear gloves)? North Carolina isn’t that far from here! Why not join the relief team? Take some days off from work and go. You will never forget the experience. You didn’t just watch from the sidelines, you went and served in His name! I promise you the families you meet will never forget that when their worst days came, brothers and sisters came in Christ’s name to help them.

You can sign up to go here.

Please let me know if you decide to do that, because if three or four of us decide to go we can put a team together!

May the Lord guide your heart in helping!



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