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Word of the Week

August 29 2018
August 29 2018

Word of the Week: Retreat

Retreat is a negative word in some context. An army that is forced to retreat is often in a poor frame of mind. In another context, retreat is a most wonderful thing. We retreat from our overly busy lives for respite and refreshment.

The men and women of our church are both having retreats in September and October. Men have their retreat September 21-22, while the women have their retreat October 19-21. It will require an investment on your part to come. Aside from the finances (and there are scholarships if needed), life will have to be arranged to allow you to be away for this time. Why should you make this effort?

1) It’s good to break away from the routine of life for the sake of your soul. Sometimes you feel frantic and don’t have a moment’s peace. Come away with your brothers, your sisters, and get a few minutes peace.

2) You can draw near to God and ask Him to draw near to you. Often, he does so on a retreat.

3) We weren’t made to go through this life without teammates. Retreats help us get encouraged by others. We make some relational connections that help us live a less lonely life.

Let me encourage you: Go on the retreat. Take the time away. Seek the Lord while there. Build some friendships. Don’t miss it this year!



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