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Blog Archives: September 2013

Why is Corporate Public Worship So important?

September 25, 2013
Don Ward
This week we think about a common question: Why is corporate worship so important?  I’ll show you in a minute that this question is under consideration more than we might think at first glance.  At Grace we spend a great deal of effort, about 75 minutes, from 10:30-11:45 every Sunday.  Karen Sawyer and the worship team expend tremendous effort in preparation, rehearsal on Thursday night and Sunday morning, and in the worship service itself. Tag and I spend a significant portion of our week studying a text of the Bible to prepare a sermon.  I ...

GCC & the BSA

September 18, 2013
Tag Tuck
What is GCC’s relationship to Boy Scout Troop 111? This summer the Boy Scouts of America changed the language in their membership policy. As a result many churches have already discontinued their affiliation as a charter organization for a local troop though the change in policy does not take affect until January 1, 2014. What is our present relationship to Troop 111? GCC serves as the charter organization for BSA Troop 111. This means we have a church member called the charter organization representative, John Dean, who serves as the ...

Reformed and Presbyterian

September 12, 2013
Tag Tuck
Briefly, what does it mean to be Reformed and Presbyterian? Our denomination (Presbyterian Church in America) helps us think about how we go about making a big deal of Christ. In fact, it has helped form our DNA as a local body of Christ. How often do you talk about your DNA? Probably not much. You just let it work in your body. But let’s be honest. If our only creed or mission statement at GCC was “Making a Big Deal of Christ” our church would be a mess! How would we know how to govern ourselves? How would we know how to interpret the ...

More Than a Motto

September 04, 2013
Don Ward
If you’ve been around GCC long enough, you’ve heard the words “discipleship through relationship.” It’s actually a shorthand version of our mission: If you know the core values of Grace, you will recognize that Gospel-centered discipleship, witness, worship and community are woven into the statement.  We exist simply to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  Discipleship has enormous consequences for everyone who says, “I follow Jesus”.  We make disciples as a group: a Christian community called a church that is marked by love for one ...