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Blog Archives: March 2015

Idols of the Heart: Approval

March 26, 2015
Tag Tuck
An old friend of mine takes great delight in a particular document stamp he owns that says in all caps – APPORVED. Read it again. That’s right. Not “approved” but “apporved.” It was a typo delivered to him from a major office supply company. He takes great delight in it because part of his job in our previous military unit was to stamp posters and other documents that would hang on the wall of our building so that everyone would know they were legitimate notices approved from our commander. Of course most of the notices were barely relevant ...

Word of the Week

March 24, 2015
Don Ward
Word of the Week: Passion I’m thinking about passion this morning: the “Passion of the Christ.”  Not the movie (don’t necessarily recommend watching that).  Once was enough - it was brutal and graphic.  I’m not saying you are doing something wrong by watching it; I just have no plans to watch it a second time.  The gospel writers do a masterful – or rather, inspired - job of informing us of the suffering (passion) of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Their accounts are detailed enough, but regard this sacred time as just that - a sacred and blessed ...

Finding Sexual Sanity in a Sex-Crazed Culture

March 21, 2015
Harvest USA Seminar at Grace Community Church Does God really have a design for sexuality? Is the Bible’s view of sexuality still relevant today?  Sex is powerful, and we all struggle with it in some way. Broken sexuality is not just about our behavior and what to do about it. It goes much deeper than that; it’s a matter of the heart. This seminar, held at GCC on March 20-21, 2015, looked at God’s design for sexuality, what motivates us to make certain sexual choices, and how the gospel can break entrenched patterns of sexual sin.  We ...

Idols of the Heart: Control

March 19, 2015
Susan Blandford
It’s like a riddle: For those who desperately pursue it, It’s fleeting. For those who can’t escape it, It’s oppressive. For those who are subject to it, It’s resented. Alas, all seek it and only One truly has it. Yes, it’s a riddle that plays out in many different ways over and over again throughout our lives:  The alcoholics who are certain they can manage just a few drinks; the people who are bound by the confines of organization, routine, and cleanliness; the employees whose hours and paychecks are determined by a miserly boss.  ...

Word of the Week

March 17, 2015
Don Ward
Word of the Week: Kids This past Sunday’s worship service featured a key part of the ministry of Grace Community Church: ministry to children and youth. We baptized two of our infants, twins Samuel and Olivia Yang, and one of our youth group students, Florence Pinkston.  We expend a great deal of energy at GCC in ministry to children and youth. You may mistakenly think of children’s ministry as a type of glorified babysitting where children are kept under control while adults get the “real” ministry in their activities.  Youth group might ...

Idols of the Heart: Safety

March 11, 2015
Candy Rowley
I’m shopping in a department store when my phone rings. A friend’s voice on the other end, “I think Todd had an accident and they took him to UVA in an ambulance.” Confusion, panic rising, trying to stay calm. You may have felt something like this in your own life, when the safety of someone you love has been called into question. It shakes you to your very core. It’s unpleasant and uncomfortable, at the very least. It’s probably something you hope to never experience again. But when keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe becomes our ...

Word of the Week

March 10, 2015
Don Ward
Word of the Week: Disruptions Life seems a bit disrupted lately!  There is the amazingly intense, if short-lived winter.  This disrupted the Japan Missions dessert at the Wards’ home -  it is now Friday, March 13 @ 7:30 PM at our house.  Can you make it?  Let me know: Then the calendar rolled on and daylight saving time came.  I expected to see only a few of your sleep-deprived faces on Sunday morning.  Instead, many of you showed up to worship God and fellowship together.  Personally I got to work with one of our ...

A Note to Parents from Stacey

March 09, 2015
Stacey Powdrell
Dear Parents of Our Youth: I’ve been very encouraged lately by the current group of middle and high school students we have involved in youth ministry here at Grace!  I often find myself thinking about what a great group of kids they are and how privileged I am to spend any time with them.  The truth is they are a great group of kids because they have great parents who are raising them well. Now we all know that’s to God’s credit and for His glory, it’s important to say that.  It’s also important to say you are godly men and women who set a ...

Idols of the Heart: Success

March 04, 2015
Cara Kidd
Have you ever been in a race or competition? What was your goal for that race, was it to finish first? Was it to finish with your time in mind? Was it to simply finish at all? As I began writing, I found it difficult to define what my struggle with success was. As I thought back on the Charlottesville 10-miler I ran in 2011, I realized that my goal wasn’t just to finish - I didn’t want to be last. I don’t even mean the last person in the race (although I didn’t want to be there either), but I didn’t even want to be last in comparison to the ...

Word of the Week

March 03, 2015
Don Ward
Word of the Week: Mustard seed Okay, "mustard seed" is two words, but don’t get all legalistic on me! The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed (Matthew 13:31).  The idea is that the kingdom of God is spreading, but sometimes it’s hard to see. I’ve had some conversations this week where it was obvious to me that the kingdom of God is spreading.  Prayers were answered.  People are responding.  But the more obvious and visible reality is often the brokenness and evil in the world.  God is great and is doing great things, but our ears hear ...