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Blog Archives: March 2014

Why Not Here?

March 31, 2014
Don Ward
April 20th is Easter - the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  You may remember that we have two identical worship services that day at 9:00 am and 10:30 am.  There will be Foundations classes for children during the sermon only at 9:00 am, and an extra session of children’s church at the 10:30 am worship. I encourage you to invite a friend, neighbor, or acquaintance to worship that day.  You can forward our email invitation to others or post it on your Facebook wall. This is a golden opportunity to use our church worship ...

Are there other “gospels” of Jesus Christ?

March 20, 2014
Don Ward
As Tag mentioned last week, there are often specials about the life of Christ this time of year.  Many of these claim to put forth an “independent” or “scientific” analysis of things.  My caution with this concept is that there is an assumption which I believe to be false.  That assumption is that any of us can analyze information without any presuppositions or preconceived notions.  The wiser realization is that we come to various important issues with strong presuppositions.  We can try to be fair, but we must know our tendencies.  If I ...

Reliability of the Gospels

March 19, 2014
Tag Tuck
Each year near Easter there is a rise in the number of articles, videos, and television documentaries that question the truthfulness of the gospel accounts. A single blog post cannot do justice to answer all the honest questions that people pose, but I want to make you aware of this phenomenon and give you one example of the reliability of the gospels as eyewitness accounts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. What follows is one answer to one objection about the Bible as eyewitness. Onomastics is the study of names and it is a ...

Follow-up on Women's Brunch: Depression, Medication, and Panic Attacks

March 18, 2014
Our women's brunch in February featured a discussion on anxiety led by Harriet Warf of Journey Counseling, and included Grace members Cara Kidd and Bobbie Dill. These ladies all had some follow-up thoughts, specifically on the topics of depression, medication, and panic attacks. We hope their words below will encourage and comfort you, as each woman has a unique perspective on these difficult topics. At the women’s brunch, we (the panel) addressed anxiety, looking into God’s Word for His ways, His guidance in coping with this difficult ...

Japan Missions and Grace Community Church

March 10, 2014
Don Ward
I would like to highlight an area in the world where GCC supports missions work and those who are actively attempting to win disciples for Jesus Christ.  We may be doing mercy work there as well, by improving health conditions and alleviating poverty and suffering. We can’t bring Christ to people and say, “Be warm and well fed” (James 2:16) without addressing their human needs.  On the other hand, simply meeting the needs of their physical bodies without caring also for their eternal souls is both foolish and disobedient to Christ’s ...

Easter: Meditating on the Person & Work of Christ

March 05, 2014
Tag Tuck
The period leading up to Easter is a time to meditate on the person & work of Christ. In the study of theology, a distinction is often made between the person and the work of Jesus Christ. Through the years theologians have looked at what we know about Jesus in terms of who He is on the one hand, and what He does on the other. To that end, Christmas is the most natural holiday to associate with the person of Christ. Jesus, the human baby in the manger, is God with us. The Son of God became a man. Easter is that time when we focus on the ...