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Blog Archives: February 2014

What Tomorrow Brings

February 25, 2014
Don Ward
In recent weeks, a few phone calls have thrown me off of my game and changed my plans.  I was planning to write one blog post, and an unexpected phone call changed that completely. That call reminded me that the world is often dark, and people often struggle with sorrows they feel are impossible to share.  For me, it meant my day changed, and I wrote a different article.  It meant much more for that person. A second phone call made this article come together in my mind. I just got off the phone with someone getting some tests done.  ...

Master Planning and the Future of GCC

February 19, 2014
Don Ward
On January 12, the master planning process concluded at Grace Community Church with a dinner and a presentation by Bruce Wardell.  That presentation is available to review on our website.  The plan shows where future buildings at GCC might be whenever the congregation decides to address further needs through construction.  An actual construction process may tweak the location of something, and may add specifics that many of you asked about, like a nursing mother’s room.  It presents a logical layout of space that responds directly to needs ...

Are the Gospels of use to mature Christians?

February 12, 2014
Tag Tuck
A wise man once said, “Question your questions.” The meaning is that “When you ask a question, be sure to check the assumptions behind your question.” Good scientists and responsible philosophers check their assumptions as a natural part of their work. When they tackle a new question or problem they ask, “What am I assuming to be true about this situation before I begin my experiment?” Our assumptions play a big role in the questions we ask and the answers we hear. For example, in all the years leading up to the space program, one of the ...

On Spiritual Gifts

February 06, 2014
Don Ward
I want to commend my brother in Christ Tag Tuck on his sermon, this past Sunday on spiritual gifts.  I personally found some helpful distinctions and useful applications.  I would like to continue the discussion on spiritual gifts by addressing the so-called “sign gifts”.  It seems to me that the controversy centers primarily around two gifts: tongues and prophecy, which we will discuss again later in 1 Corinthians. Tongues was the ability to speak in an unknown language.  Some people believe that those languages included a “heavenly ...