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Blog Archives: November 2013

Words of the Season

November 26, 2013
Tag Tuck
What words do you use to talk about this time of year? There are so many words that people use to talk about what happens in our culture in December. In the church, we speak of Christmas, but this has become a loaded term in our culture. It is more popular to wish people “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” in order to avoid offending those who don’t share Christian faith. I’ve also seen bumper stickers that said, “Don’t take Christ out of Christmas,” as a reaction to the abbreviation “Xmas.” (Of course, I like to tell folks that ...

Ingratitude and the Good News

November 19, 2013
Don Ward
It’s nearly Thanksgiving week .  No doubt you already have made plans for some sort of outing, right?  You are either hunkering down with a few family members and friends, or hosting a huge event in your home, or hitting the road to see family.  Sunday kicks off Thanksgiving week, and it’s also the official beginning of the Christmas madness. Thanksgiving has its beginnings as a cultural event both in the stories of our Founding Fathers and in a shockingly religious document written by Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation ...

PCA Global Missions Conference

November 13, 2013
Don Ward
On November 8-10, a group from GCC was at the Global Missions Conference of the Presbyterian Church in America.  This conference occurs once every three years, and this year had some 2,500 or so participants.  Our group included Fleming and Peggy Straughan, Carol Hill, Kristin Eppard, Lucy Birchfield, Ariel Mellott and your correspondent, Don Ward.  It was especially exciting to have our three teenagers with us to watch them catch the fire for God’s work in the world. The rest of the team attended a pre-conference event on mercy ministry, ...

Master Planning Process Continues

November 06, 2013
Don Ward
Last Sunday morning our congregation met during the Foundations hour to hear another presentation from Bruce Wardell with an updated proposal. Because of a misunderstanding, Bruce had to shorten his presentation Sunday, and so we started the meeting with a restatement of why we are doing a master plan, and then opened it up to an energetic Q&A from the congregation. In our Q&A, we considered our commitment to make room for spiritually needy souls at GCC.  Given the current overcrowding in our Children’s Ministry, and the occasional ...