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Word of the Week

December 27 2017
December 27 2017

Word of the Week: Goals vs. Resolutions

OK, the Christmas food coma is beginning to recede right now. A few of you are starting to set yourself up for the failure of making resolutions to do better next year. I’m going a different route - one of which I’ll discuss a bit next week too. I have a few goals for next year. Goals are different because they can be broken down into measurable and attainable parts. A resolution depends on my sustained resolve over a whole year. I’m not that resolved about these things! A goal can be broken down and can be measured and reviewed periodically (monthly).  Personally, I’m working on spiritual health and physical health goals, which I’m going to break down into some reviewable goals. I think I’m going to need a check in partner on those goals - how about you? How are you going to approach 2018 in a different way that allows you to make some real progress? Don’t depend on your resolve alone - get a friend to check in with you regularly on your key goals. Then you can adjust (perhaps five workouts a week is too much, but three is a realistic goal?) and get feedback on how to make more progress!

What’s your plan for 2018?

In Him,



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