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Word of the Week

December 18 2018
December 18 2018

Word of the week: Community

Last night I was at one of the ever-present Christmas parties this time of year. This one was a different, as there were only six of us plus some young people. At one point several of the people found themselves on the couch. They hadn’t connected in a while, and soon they were deep in conversation. They were so deep in conversation that I couldn’t peel one of them away to leave. They weren’t talking about their favorite Christmas tradition, the latest in decorations, or the recipe for a great Christmas meal side dish. Those kinds of topics had been covered earlier in the evening. Each person came to that party with a heavy load of concern in their lives. They found themselves with people they trusted, and they began to share their burdens with each other. Now some others know the particular challenges of this current moment of life. Now another person will be praying, and checking in to see how things are going. Now the journey doesn’t feel so lonely. Now we know, help is nearby. It seemed like a moment of divine grace.

That kind of relationship can be fostered inside the church in various ways. This was our small group gathering for Christmas. This is what discipleship through relationship can feel like. I hope you have found that here at Grace. If not, I hope you will reach out and let us help you find it!

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