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Word of the Week

December 12 2018
December 12 2018

Word of the Week: Community

Whew! We got worship in on Sunday just under the wire before the snowfall really started coming. Here is an odd thing you might not think about: It’s a hard decision to cancel church. If we had cancelled Sunday, I would have been kicking himself if I’d been at home at 9:30 and there was no snow coming down. I give a big shout out to deacon of the day, Paul Parmiter, for helping to make the decision and staying at the church until everyone left.

We were able to worship together and have the Lord’s supper. It was beautiful, and I had such a warm feeling inside when I left. So many of you came to worship, undeterred by the forecast. I very much enjoyed the worship (shout out to the worship team and tech team who came out!). Celebrating the Lord’s supper was a great encouragement to me.

I left with joy in my heart and a warm feeling of love for all of you.

Having said all that, I left late because the elders met with some new members. It was really snowing when I got to my car. The roads in my neighborhood were horrible and I nearly wrecked. I was a little distracted and going faster than conditions warranted (i.e. normal speed). I had a car in front of me stopped at the intersection, and my antilock brakes were going nuts. I could see I was going to hit the car in front of me, and was able to side step left to the next lane, and stop before I went into the intersection. Boy was I wide awake and alert then! Why tell that story? Because when we do have to cancel, it is because our best guess is that the risk of injury is too high.

I pray that your Christmas preparations will lead to encouragement and joy in the Lord.

In Him,



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