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Word of the Week

October 23 2018
October 23 2018

Word of the week:  The Big Picture

A common figure of speech that I love is the phrase, “The big picture.” I don’t know its exact origin, but I imagine someone looking at a huge painting in a famous art gallery. The great artists painted with such detail that it would be easy to get close to the painting and notice a minor sub theme of the work. An even closer look would show the brush strokes along with the use of color at a stroke by stroke level. I have no idea how someone does that. I assume that a master artist has a grand plan of some sort. The details are interesting and important. Of course, occasionally, we need to step back and take a look at a distance. What’s going on overall with this great work?

Isn’t it easy to get caught up in the minute details of life? You have lots of things going on and sometimes you feel like there is hardly time to consider the big picture issues of life. God himself never loses the big picture view of the universe, nor the key details of our own lives. In our current sermon series, we’ve been looking at Scripture as a God’s revealed word, and we’ve teased out a number of important issues from the texts themselves. One great value of God’s word is that it gives us the big picture view of life. Combine the reading of scripture with prayer for understanding and insight, and occasionally you find yourself gazing at the big picture. God tells you directly from scripture who you are and why you are here. He tells you in scripture where you’ve been, and where you are headed. Most importantly, the scripture helps us know God more intimately, so that even when it seems impossible to stop and get a big picture view, we can calm our hearts knowing the God who works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Can you take some time this week to stop, and consider the big picture?





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