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Word of the Week

April 21 2016
April 21 2016

Word of the Week: System

Several of you asked about or were intrigued by a quote I used Sunday:

“Your system is perfectly designed to give you the results you are getting.” This was from W. Edwards Deming. I can’t find which book or talk he said it in, but it isn’t ever attributed to anyone else. It is a profound statement - so profound I offered a free ice cream cone for the person who finds the verse in proverbs which says essentially the same thing!

So many things in our lives are the results of systems we design - either intentionally or accidentally. Counselors even look at “family systems”, and try to trace back the results of our nuclear families as children and their impact on the system we create in our own marriages. It is profound because so often we look back and realize that we are indeed seeing the results of a systematic process, but we just didn’t realize it. We didn’t mean to create a systematic approach to things…we just did.  Oftentimes the system works against our stated objectives!

That is part of living in a world before the return of Christ! We create things which oppose our higher goals. A hobby kills our family life. A sinful habit creates havoc in relationships. Your system.

Step one is calling It “my system.” I own it. I got myself here. The prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21 tells us another system has been created for us. There is a process of growth which can build a healthy, well-loved, and influential Christian. I pray you may experience that spiritual strength this week!

In Him,



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