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Why Join a Group? – To Get Connected

October 10 2018
October 10 2018

Adult life can be a lonely place. In high school we had our group of friends. For me, college was amazing. I was growing in my faith. My Christian brothers and sisters were always close by, and after a while every meal was shared with someone from our group. For two of the years I lived with other Christian men. It was nearly constant friendship and fellowship. I grew as a Christian because of my connection with other growing Christians - day and night.

Adult life is very different than that. One men’s ministry expert says 90% of Christian men have no best friend. We know co-workers and know a few friendly faces at church. We are disconnected, and at our worst moments, lonely. Even secular authors are talking about the problem.

Adult men and women get so busy working at their jobs, marriage, family, and other things, that there may be no space for real, meaningful connection with another adult. People know who we are, but almost no one really knows us. They don’t know our fears, our doubts, our sorrows and our victories. There is no one who cares enough to hear our worst news, or celebrate our best news.

We lack the real relationship connections for which our creator made us. He is highly relational - Father Son and Spirit relate to each other constantly, being three, but also being one. He made us male and female for relationship. He formed communities for relationship. He called a people for relationship.

Groups give us a practical working strategy to connect our members together in meaningful relationships. Groups mean that I have someone to call when all the pieces of a great project in life come together. Groups mean that my deepest sorrows are shared with a fellow believer in Christ. For some, deep friendships are formed. We were made for this sharing of life together. We were made for connection.

In 1995 I received the earth-shaking news that my dad had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I led a small group in my church. One of the guys in the group took me to lunch to talk about some of the things he went through when his father died. He was trying to prepare and was being a good friend to me. It meant the world to me. It was even extra meaningful because he attended our group as a skeptic to the faith. But he cared well for me. I was so thankful for connection!

Need help getting connected? Check out the groups page, or visit the group map in the lobby. Email Pastor Tom if you need help! Let’s get and stay connected.


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